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Salami, Napoli 100g

Salami, Napoli 100g

ภาษี รวม

Salame Napoli (Napoli Salami) is Italy’s finest spicy sausage from the Campania region of southern Italy and has been made since the end of the seventeenth century. It has a long tradition as ‘special’ food for festivals or to help bear the hard summer work in the fields. Salame Napoli is made of a mixture of fresh Italian pork, black pepper and spices. Well tied, the salami is hanged in special rooms where it is smoked for 7-8 days. Ageing lasts not less than four months. In ancient times, after ageing, it was common to further preserve the salami inside pottery vats (in oil or in lard), under the ashes or among wheat, barley or oat. The outside of the salami is deep red, it has a firm and dense consistency, slightly smoky smell and a mild characteristic, slightly peppery flavour. Slices are an intense red colour.

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